A Note From Jane


Yes I’m hijacking Andrew’s blog as it is the way to get a message out there to all of Andrew ‘s friends and family that I may or may not know. I don’t do social media and believe in human contact and phone calls as a way to communicate as so much is lost in the current trends. I know that Andrew really appreciates your messages but to be honest it would be great if you could visit him…. his voice has gone and his energy levels are dropping and he will start to feed through his peg for one meal a day. To be honest it would be very helpful to Valentina, Sebastian and myself to know that there are more people out there who would visit Andrew. If you have thought about visiting, just do it, as He would love to see you. That I am sure of.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

10 thoughts on “A Note From Jane”

  1. Hello Jane! What is the address of the home? I have been asked so people can visitâ?¦.


  2. Hi Jane – sorry we missed our normal fortnightly lunch date with you and Andrew this week. Will message him with a suggested date for next week.

    Andy xxx

  3. Hi Jane, please could you share the address with me too please and I will arrange a visit with some of his Vodafone colleagues

  4. Hi Jane, I live in Miami and seldom visit London these days. However, I will pray specifically that God will provide more visitors for Andrew. I admire you and your children so much for your love and loyalty to him, during this difficult time. Love, Dave Seivright

  5. Hi Jane, its been many years but i have come across Andrew’s blog and wanted to send you Andrew, Valentina & Sebastian a message from Sydney, i often think of you all especially at this time of year when i get ready for the yearly trip to Bilpin for my Harvest Festival Apple Picking i go this coming Sunday 26th and will hold you all in my thoughts while I’m there. Thinking of you all and sending you love from Sydney please tell Andrew i have such a lovely memory of the time he and Valentina gave me a lift home from apple picking and so many special memories of your beautiful family sending you all lots of love Anita xxx

    1. Hi Anita THANK YOU for getting in touch. We too have lovely memories of you and how you embraced Valentina firstly at the play group and then at the Waldorf Preschool in Sydney. We still have the scrapbook you did for her. Blessings to you and we may see you again. Lots of love Janexxx

      1. Oh Jane i wont lie i have shed some tears reading Andrew’s blog what a beautiful family you are what a journey you are all on i do hope to see you all again one day i wish you all many blessings as spring begins for you i hope it brings seeds of hope love & joy. If you still have my email address you can contact me on that anytime I’m not good with social media i dont use my Facebook these days but my love of photos has led me to recently join instagram you can find me there as purple_neets my mobile number is also still the same. Now I’ve found you all again i would love to keep in touch sending lots of love and thank you so much for replying Anita xxx

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