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Church? I find it’s a time when many feelings come up. Today I was upset, because of the difficulties I have been having with drinking in the last week. It’s very hard to accept. Drinking is a basic thing we do. I have been having most water through the PEG. I enjoy the sermons, singing and community of the church. I was always so closed to Christianity, and am pleased that changed. It’s worth investigating.

I watched Sebastian with his uncle Damien, over from Australia, at the golf club. The effort that goes into even a simple trip is considerable. Great to catch up, watch their pitching and putting competition and just be at the golf club. While eating lunch, there was a downpour, which created lakes on the practice green. A boy I know, was out there to experience the effect of the puddles on the speed of the ball. It kept raining, but he was oblivious to that.


I didn’t expect Sebastian to wipe my chin of gibble, as he calls it. He did. He drove me outside, and put my sunglasses on before I could ask. He asks me if everything is ok. He wants me to get better, ‘would you be ok to live for the rest of your life, walking with two sticks?’ Where there’s life, there’s hope, as a famous cosmologist said.

Valentina, away this weekend on a camping trip, also asks how I am and whether I need anything. This wasn’t meant to happen for at least thirty years, if at all. That’s MND. Very happy to hear she really enjoyed the hiking and camping.

My mum made it down thirteen weeks after breaking her hip. Great to see her, and well done dad. Being the son, but with MND. Roles.

I never thought I would collaborate with an illustrator on a book, but that’s what I’m doing. Sarah showed me the first drawings for The Fantastic Race. Hilarious, educational without shoving it down your throat and ensuring the reader still uses their imagination. I don’t see the hours Sarah spends, but I know it’s a lot. We review the illustrations, and, amongst other things, we aim for authenticity. The Subaru rally cars need to be blue, more of the Italian drivers need to wear sunglasses etc. I enjoy having my ideas challenged, because it strengthens the story. More than that, the illustrations add so much to the story. In case you want to listen to The Fantastic Race, it’s already available as an audiobook. Here is the studio.



Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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