You may remember that some time ago I asked if someone could make me a printed copy125125124 of the blog.

Warren, who lives in Madrid, tells the story of how he did it below. The part it touches on, but due to modesty, does not elaborate on, is the time taken.

Warren’s Description –

I downloaded the entire blog from WordPress but it does this in a weird format which, for a technofool like me, is completely useless. So I found a company that has a service which takes WordPress books and turns them into books which is perfect for our plans! However after going through the procedure they wants $153 to make a single book, so that wasn’t going to work. They did however offer the option to download their version of the book as a PDF for just $8.99 which seemed infinitely more reasonable. So, now I had a PDF but I couldn’t edit that or do anything at all with it. Next step was to contact our good friend Sarah who is a designer and all round Adobe genius who quickly converted the text into a PDF document. So we were getting closer….but not close enough! Of course the conversion had messed up all the formatting so I had to remove all formatting from the entire document and start again! It took me quite a long time to format the text but that was nothing in comparison with formatting all of the photos which took an age, They were all random sizes and shapes but eventually I got a document that looked presentable. I converted the document back into a PDF and off I went to the printers feeling quite happy with myself, right until the printers told me I had the format wrong! I had done it in A4 instead of A5, disaster. Back I went and started again, all the photos were wrong and obviously the alignment of text was messed up too. Anyway, I got it done and the printers did a super speedy 24 hour turn around and were able to take the fantastic cover that our friend Sarah had made and make the whole thing look super professional. I hope you like it and I look forward to adding a second addition with our updated blog in the near future!

There are sixteen copies. Never did I expect anything remotely of this quality. It is something our family will treasure forever. I can only imagine how it felt editing non-English entries and getting the photos right for the millionth time.

Chronological indexing, and a note to show when I moved from input by hand, to voice to eyes. A really professional, 300+ page book. No plans to publish it.

Thanks to the Madrid Sarah for the fantastic design. The cover has important words from the text.

We were speechless (well, I am all the time, but I couldn’t get a sound from my eye gaze).

Thank you Warren and Karen


Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

5 thoughts on “Gracias”

  1. Awesome…..! I am in Indy visiting my mom In the hospital. She had a fall, plus high fever. She’s ok it seems. I’ll write more later. I’m glad you like your book!!!

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  2. What a brilliant book – especially having read the problems you encountered in its production. It’s a real treasure for the family, so a big ThankYou to Warren and Karen. Greetings – Pat and Brian (Andrew’s parents).

  3. Wow – Warren and Karen you are superstars, what a beautiful act of kindness and what an amazing book Andrew! You constantly inspire me and those around me as I share your words. Thank you.

  4. Karen and Warren,what a wonderfull thing that you have done for Andrew and family.Andrews blogs have always been informative and interesting reading so will go well with Andrews book in German.
    Well done each.
    John/Gill inThaxted

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