Thoughts. Needs. Words. Wheelchair Assisted Vehicle (WAV), feeding tube, foot-up device, vegan diet? High fat, fasciculations, stairs, physio, sticks, wheelchair, tip-up chair, adjustable bed, 2-3 years, some much longer, ‘live for the day, Andrew’, plan ahead, mind-body connection, Dr Rees, Queen’s Square, cannabis tea, try this, Riluzole – three more months, Tim Taylor’s Landlord, wheelchair ramp, stair lift, wobbly writing, arguments, hugs, fork unsteady, medical intuitive, psychic (‘you’ll be a psychic’), warm water rebirthing, a beard, drumming, golf buggy, meals on wheels, meat back on again, abundance, hair or saliva testing, acupuncture, time with family, disbelief, faith and trust, God’s will, peace and calm, amazing people, half marathon to find a cure, ‘why can’t you be like other daddies?’, counsellor, financial planning, record my voice? Meeting of others with ALS, ‘what about my needs?’, furniture in the way, bad luck, ‘When bad things happen to good people’, 100 yards hard today, pray for a miracle, headspace.com (some peace), normal life, blog, nighttime panics, spasticity, school (normality), council house or hotel (?) if needed, Sweden, ‘how will it be’, OK, Amadeus reunion, ‘you chose this at some level’, courage, getting dressed, carer, cleaner, help at home, money (it’ll be ok), UK or Australia? Clarinet – too heavy, Angels, travel, cancel Scotland, stairs, suits and ties to Charity shop, homeopathy, no cure, why me, busy mind, quiet mind.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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