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The Last Post

It is with huge sadness that this post is written to inform the many followers of this blog that Andrew died this morning.

Please remember Jane, Valentina and Sebastian in your prayers (his wife and children), as well as Brian and Pat (his parents).

It seems fitting to close with Andrew’s words, from his very first blog post, written in June 2015:

My thought for today, and the reason for the name of the blog, is that we all should slow down a little.

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Wrongfully Accused

The government today outlined its evidence related to the men accused of poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripel in Salisbury in March. The following maps show their movements while in the UK.


The Yorkshire Post can exclusively reveal that the information released by the Metropolitan Police, Wiltshire Constabulary and the airports is false and that months went into developing a story to fool governments and news agencies around the world.… Click here to read on...

Fuzzy Math

In 1975, Mika Vartonnen, a PhD student in Medicine, had an idea for a research project, which, little did he know then, could improve the quality of life of ALS / MND patients.

Vartonnen wrote to medical faculties worldwide, outlining his ambitious project, namely to determine if musical preferences between the ages of 14 and 21, would result in different health outcomes.… Click here to read on...

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