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There is a longrunning programme on BBC Radio 4 with this name. They interview noteworthy people, who choose the eight records/tracks/discs they would take on a one way trip to a desert island, and we learn about their experiences. The guest then nominates one disc to keep if the others are washed away. They are allowed a book, in addition to the Bible and Complete Works of Shakespeare, and also a luxury.

It is impossible to choose, and I could write ten more lists. One day I will write more about what is behind each piece, but for now wanted to get this published.

1. The Laughing Policeman, Charles Jolly – reminds me of early childhood, with a mum and dad from London bringing me up in Yorkshire. I remember this black 45 disc, and us laughing along.

Listen here. 124127

2. Songbird, Fleetwood Mac – I grew up next to three kids. ‘Rumours’ was one of the first albums which Pippa, the eldest, bought. This song reminds me of a happy childhood, fortunate to live next to the Dodgshon family. I have listened to it frequently, while I have had the disease.

Listen here. 125128

3. Fool For Your Loving, Whitesnake – my favourite band, by a long way. Rock and Blues, perfect for me. Saw them in 1982 at Queen’s Hall, Leeds. The Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance, 10-12, was my route to another world.

Listen here. 126129

4. Fisherman’s Blues, The Waterboys – University, Aston in Birmingham, brought me into contact with many great people. The Waterboys were one of the great bands which came to Birmingham. The year in Bamberg, Germany was the highlight, with Summer of 69 the theme tune.

Listen here. 130

5. Buleria, David Bisbal – the sounds of Turkey and Italy stay with me, but the Latin beat of Spain was pulsating. David Bisbal was starting out when we lived there. Travel, Jane’s yoga achievements, the birth of Valentina – it was an exciting time.

Listen here. 127131

6. Whole Lotta Rosie, AC/DC – I drove from work near Nice to the Vélodrome in Marseille to see them. The clapped out Audi 80 did 150km/h along the A8. They were older and so was I! I saw them in Nice with Tim, as well. Fantastic!

Listen here. 128132

7. I Vow To Thee, My Country, Sir Cecil Spring Rice and Gustav Holst – I am not a royalist, but finally I love my country. I also love my God, the country of the second verse. Watch the video of Churchill’s funeral set to this.

Listen here. 133

8. A Land Downunder, Men At Work – Australia, first time in 2001. Country of Jane, birthplace of Sebastian. We’ve been through so much, fantastic mum to our kids, strong values and beliefs, getting me across Dolomites scree, so it goes on. Jane, with my love.

Listen here. 134

Disc of Choice – I think that it has to be Whole Lotta Rosie, because it is a fantastic song and will scare away any unwanted visitors.

Book – I am a fan of statistics, sport and exotic places around the world. I will ask Wisden, the publisher of the definitive cricket results and statistics books, to produce an edition with every test match ever played (a test match is one between two countries).

Luxury – I would like a set of balls, which never go flat.


Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

4 thoughts on “My Desert Island Discs”

  1. That’s a great choice (though I’d have swapped Bisbal for Mecano for the Spanish choice, personally!) – has Kirsty been in touch?
    Friday Rock Show was a helluva programme with TV…and then Alan Freeman!

  2. That’s a great list! The Waterboys will also be forever linked to my time at Aston. Great memories.

  3. I like it!

    I have surgery Wednesday (torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder). Maybe I will have a chance to put together my own Desert Island discs! Iâ??ll be reclining at home for at least a weekâ?¦


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