My Seventies


Morris Marina estate, RAC Rally at Dalby Forest and Harewood in November, Deltics, Spectating while playing under 11 football, Dales and Moors 8 mile walks arranged by Norman Gawthrope, Pear Tree Avenue French cricket, The Dodgshons, Bonfire Night at Alan and Mary’s, Bus to Nunthorpe, Multi-Coloured Swapshop, Gerry’s honey toast, six in the Mini (TYB753G), Brimham Rocks, Scarborough by train, Sunday roast with apple crumble, Smash and Alphabet Spaghetti, Trips to Bergen, Weekend trip to Dagenham and the East End – mum’s family, Trips to Taunton and Devon – dad’s family, Mcdonalds, Showaddywaddy, Startrite shoes from Watkinsons, The wooden board across the barber’s chair at John and Gerald’s, Vinyl car seats, Conkers at Newby Hall, Mini trips to Fountains, Radio Times, Today with Brian Redhead and John Timpson, Subbuteo, Ker Plunk, Twister, Dinky cars, Amazing Meccano set, Cleo our cat, Felix the cat and Solomon the dalmatian next door, Cardland, Rosalie Pickering fruit and vegetables, Swimming in The Ouse, Pushing snow with the homemade wooden clearer, Aeroplanes, Bootham Crescent and Elland Road, Roy of the Rovers, Trainspotting, Table tennis at The Railway Institute, Quarter of Cola Cubes, Stickers on bedroom door, First Day Covers, Turnbulls, The Ford Cortina of John Lipscomb, Raleigh Hustler, Brian Shannon bike shop, Poppleton Road chippy, Stamp collection – Magyar Posta, Shoot, Sticklepath, Neapolitan chocolates from Gerry and Lal, Poppleton school swimming pool, dirty floor at Edmund Wilson, Postcards of dinosaurs from my granny, Her tortoise in Nailsbourne, Isle of Wight ferry to visit Gladys, Rowntree mis-shapes from Norman, Sodastream and a freezer, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curtains, dresses and repairs by mum and her Singer, Doctor Who, Badminton and football in the back garden, Sharing the lawnmower, Grandma (Ivy Buggins) at number 11, Cagoules, Green Flash trainers, Ambrosia Rice Pudding, A38 to Devon, Sleeper to Inverness, Dan-Air, Heathie, Wooden rackets, Post Office savings book, Card library tickets, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Madame Marsaud et Claudette – first French textbook, Bike riding on my own, Music Centre, Colour TV, Trimphone, Fold-down model railway board made by my dad and me, Thank you letters, Freezing on Nunthorpe football and rugby pitches and scared of the hard cricket ball, Ordnance Survey maps, Telexes from Norway in dad’s office, Football commentary from Europe on the car radio after cubs, Star and a Smartie, Jumble sale, Football pools, Spot the ball, Fab and Zoom, Skipwith Common, Sheila and the Observer crossword, Pan’s People, The Pink.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

7 thoughts on “My Seventies”

  1. Cola cubes…. and those sweet peanuts. Remember? You sucked through the candy shell…them bam!!! Chopped up peanuts. I longed for Fridays after school!!!!!! Wonder how many 70s kids have fillings??? Sue W xx

  2. Ah your sodastream – I’m right back there with you at No.11 – it was almost as exotic as Brian bringing home an album of a previously unheard of Abba – which both families listened to in your front room! Them were t’days! Wonderful memories Knolly X

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