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Like you, I appreciate a free press.However, I think our press creates a climate of fear. ‘Interest Rate Rise Risk’, ‘Oil Prices May Reach $150 A Barrel’, ‘Bulgarian Immigrants Will Take Our Jobs’. Of course, the press should report the facts, good and bad, and of course the press should be a place where opinion can be freely expressed.

Hidden among the millions of media channels available to us is one which I admire very much. I first came across it after a hectic week in my old world of B2B sales, before dinner at the very relaxing Woody’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Apsley. It is called Positive News and, as you might imagine, it only reports on positive news. It’s not an attempt to avoid things which are not positive, but more a way to say, hey stopforamomentpeople, there are many positive things happening.

The Positive News people are seeking new funding through a Crowdfunding initiative, and by buying shares you can support them. Well, it’s a free world (as well as a free press), so I’ll leave the thought with you. Here is the crowdfunding site and Positive News is here.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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