Show Must Go On

I am pleased to say that our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle has been delivered. We raised £10,000 through Crowdfunding to pay the deposit. The following people donated from all around the world, and we are very grateful:

Dorinda, Gillian and Michael, Dave and Valentina, Giorgio, Wicksy, Albert, Cyril, Gianmaria, Payam, Valerie, Priya, Gill and Trev, Vanita, Victoria and Andrew, Dee and Jim, Sue and Geoff, Iain, Niki, John and Gill, Nigel and Elizabeth, Fred, Becky, James, Maria, Sole, Belen, Meryl, Ioannis, Paul and Emily, Ian, Jo, Bill, Rachel, Laura, Vicky, Warren and Karen, Stuart and Everil, Umberto, Daniel, Gideon, Simon, Laura, Stu and Verity, Jorge, Greg and Nicky, Natalie, Sam and Chieko, Ralph, Pepa, Jo, Lars, Emanuela, Marco, Andrea, Rani and Michael, Daniele, Ana, Paul, Joao, Luciano, Petr, Marco and Amorn, Bobby and Morgane, Lisa, Tim, Phil, Valeria, Helen, Chuck, Shelley, Alex and Damien, Zsolt, David, Mailan, Christoph, Dan and Sarah, Kerstin, Christina, Sue and Gene, Arlene, Gordon, Jim and Diane, Dominic, Richard, Beverley, Simon, Trevor, Amanda, Claire, Steffi and the many people who chose to be anonymous. I also want to thank the people who donated £2,000 to Russell Keilty’s fundraising for me (he did a marathon, fast). These people are Russell’s friends and family, and the members of the West Herts Golf Club and the West Watford Golf Society.

Donations came from Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Thailand, Japan, China, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, The Czech Republic and some I am sure I have missed.

I want to thank the people at JustGiving for creating the Crowdfunding website.

I want to thank the people at Brook Miller for converting the VW, the founders of the Motability scheme for disabled people and also VW.

Thank you to Jane for strapping the chair and me in, and for driving.

Thank you!


Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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