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You have probably had people who have helped you in your work or career. These are the people who help you take the next step. I have had so many of these people that I would probably need to hire an Airbus A380 to take them on a thank you trip. Today I caught up with one such person from my past. In the mid 1990s I was looking to move to another country from the UK. I asked my then manager, Andy, in the photo below, what options there may be. Despite us being very busy, and despite me being an asset to his team (or was I?) he supported my wish to move overseas. As a result I moved to Istanbul in the spring of 1996. Getting together today we remembered the early days of working for IRI in the UK. The company was still in start-up mode at that time, and we all worked hard and had fun to deliver a service to customers. When we had a difficult thing to tell a customer, I used to ask “how do you feel about this?”…….our customers were patient, but we got it right in the end.


GTDBGOYB or getting things done by getting off your (in my case metaphorical) butt. I remember in working life it was often tempting to send an email to somebody, even if they were on the same floor as you. It rarely produced results. I have been looking for a different walking aid, because my arms have become less strong to support my sticks, and my left foot is a little harder to lift. My physio at the health service on was holiday, so I called a few times see if someone else could help. Being very busy, the physios did not have time to call, so me being a little impatient Jane and I went in the van to the neurological centre. A really helpful physio showed us two pieces of equipment, we tried one with her great help, and within 30 minutes it was in the back of the van. Nothing beats face-to-face communication, and sometimes it is necessary to go and knock on the door. I’m very grateful to the people who helped me there  today. It’s great. Yampi helped me walk taller than in the video.

 [wpvideo wfFAvO1I] 
With the spring equinox yesterday we now have more daylight, the birdsong has returned and people have a feeling of optimism. Of course living in the UK, we know that the sunny days can be replaced by cloudy ones.

You can’t imagine how amazing the end of term assembly is at our Waldorf School! Emotional, inclusive, talent, laughter. Thank you everyone. 


Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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  1. That is a really great piece of equipment for you Andrew! It looks a lot more secure too and give you a bit more freedom – well in the house anyway.x

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