The Last Post

It is with huge sadness that this post is written to inform the many followers of this blog that Andrew died this morning.

Please remember Jane, Valentina and Sebastian in your prayers (his wife and children), as well as Brian and Pat (his parents).

It seems fitting to close with Andrew’s words, from his very first blog post, written in June 2015:

My thought for today, and the reason for the name of the blog, is that we all should slow down a little. I have been forced to slow down, but I think it has happened for a reason. I have seen what happens when I slow down. It gives me time to appreciate things, and it also gives me time to look at some of the absurdities of life.

In this blog, I will write about things which are important to me, and things which I observe. If the words I write bring about some change in the world, then I will be satisfied. If they get at least one person thinking differently, then I will be happy. If the words bring a smile to your face or gladden your heart, then that is great as well.

Let’s stop for a moment today and remember the change that Andrew brought about in our world, the way he got us thinking and the things he did that made us smile.

With love from a friend. x

P.S. This blog will be monitored over the coming weeks, so if you wish to post a comment or a memory below, in tribute to Andrew, please feel free to do so.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

38 thoughts on “The Last Post”

  1. Andrew was truly inspirational right to the very end of his battle against this cruel disease. I feel privileged to have known him and the way in which he confronted his illness – with Stoicism, Positivity and Humour – will stay with me as guidance as to how I should face my own mortality.
    Wishing Jane, Valentina, Sebastien and his Mum and Dad (and all the rest of his family and friends) much Love and Strength. Andrew’s spirit will stay with all of us who knew him and his memory will shine so bright it will blind us. Happy Memories of a genuine and loving man x

  2. I didn’t know Andrew very well but worked with him at IRI many years ago. I have followed his blog and have been both inspired and deeply touched by his humor and humanity in the face of this terrible illness. A remarkable person. He and his family are in my thoughts.

  3. I last saw Andrew on Friday of last week and said my goodbyes. During our visits he made me think about life differently and I have fond memories of taking him out for lunch in Borehamwood when he was still up to eating. He courageously kept his sense of humour (Donnington Funerals was one of my favourites). I’ll miss him desperately. A special mention to his other friends who visited him regularly. Jane, Valentina, Sebastian, Brian and Pat – you’re all in our thoughts xxx

  4. Andrew was a genuinely wonderful human being and will be sorely missed by all. We will fondly remember times spent with Andrew and Jane.

    Tash and George

  5. The hopes that Andrew set out to achieve in his blog were certainly achieved from my point of view. He helped me to understand what I really wanted to do with my life, he encouraged me in my own blog, he gave me hope and inspiration through my battle with cancer, he greatly strengthened my belief in God, and I will never forget the laughs and joy we shared, particularly watching ‘Eddie the Eagle’ and watching England thrash poor Panama 6-1 in the World Cup! Andrew – you will never be forgotten, mate. Rest in Peace my dear friend.

  6. You will be missed Andrew. Sending love to Jane, Valentina and Sebastian, for Mum and Dad, family and of your friends. You have inspired me so much and touched so many people with your approach to life. thanks for sharing your journey with us and I promise to remember and pass your wisdom on to others. Colette xxx

  7. I never met Andrew but met Jane through our children attending the same school. I felt a real warmth towards her despite only chatting a few times. I started following Andrew’s blog and it’s with great sadness that he has shed this mortal coil. My deepest sympathies to all his family, with love and hugs, Heather Foster ( Amelie’s mum)

  8. I am writing this as I land in Turin and mention it only because of Andrew’s love of travel and seeing the new. I didn’t know him well, but I learnt this about him and I found his honest courage so very admirable and heartbreaking. Becoming an author, an eye graze author in one of his other languages, what can you say except he was such an impressive man with real personal grit. I will miss his posts and I have slowed down to enjoy the moment. Thank you for that Andrew. X AB

  9. Further to helping us stop for a moment, Andrew leaves us his lesson of courage and kindness in adversity that we can all aspire to. My condolences to the Knowlman family.

  10. I shed a few tears today when I heard that Andrew had passed away. We were colleagues for many years and shared experiences in Spain, France and the UK. Andrew was always a pleasure to be with and an all round good guy with a great sense of humour.
    I have been amazed by his eloquence and courage during his terrible illness and would like to send might heartfelt condolences to Andrew’s family. He will always be with us in our memories.

  11. Jane, Valentina and Sebastian: I am very sad to hear the inevitable has occurred. I look back at the days in Istanbul and other cities with fondness, and the memories of Andrew will always be strong. RIP.

  12. Rest in peace, Andrew. Brian, Pat, Jane, Valentina and Sebastian, I hope you take some comfort in the thoughts & wishes from all of us around the world , who came to know Andrew and his family at different times of his life. A man fired by curiosity and intelligence who made his mark on life & the world, right to the end. Toni

  13. ??? First I’d like to know where is Lastingham Moor is, so we can visit Andrew at his bench?
    Andrew was a true inspiration & role model and has forever left an impression on me! I never met Andrew, but came in contact with Andrew through his co-worker. He was very kind to answer my emails and share his perspective with me. Somehow, I believe Andrew’s blog, books and other writings will continue to inspire generations to come. I’m sending comforting thoughts and prayers to all of Andrew’s family & friends especially to Jane, Valentina, Sebastian and his parents. Thank you Andrew for caring to share your experiences!

  14. You sound like you knew something was happening from your last post, wasn’t quite sure what to make of it…. and I wrote;

    You are choosing a hard life and hoping you gathered your diamond treasures from it in all the alchemy.

    Love to you as you expand into your transition whenever that will be.

    There will be loving beings there to meet you.

    It was good to meet you and know you through your last years and read all your writings.



  15. Thank you for inspiring us all Andrew. You gave so much to the world. Got to know you through your Twitter posts and so glad I did. Love to your family and friends.

    (A Daughter who lost her dad to MND)

  16. Vale dear Andrew,. May he rest in peace and your family find comfort in all the wonderful things that made up our dear friend. Andrew is free from constraints to continue his travels.

  17. I am so very sad to hear the news. I took great inspiration from Andrew. My heart goes out to family and friends for such a loss. Thank you for letting us all share in the greatness of the Knowlman family.

  18. Andrew truly accomplished all his goals and more through this blog. His perspective on life through his illness changed my outlook on so many days. His perseverance to keep communicating even through eye gaze technology was so inspiring. His humour and insight shone through. My prayers for his family will continue.

  19. I worked briefly with Andrew in the mid ’90s. I remember his zest for life, passion and focus – a roadblock was something to jump over! I have read his blog with interest over the last couple of years and have been inspired by his strength and determination to make every moment count. I am sorry to hear that he has lost his fight against ALS and my thoughts go to his family and friends.

  20. Farewell, Andrew. I’ve been humbled by your strength, wit and determination to keep going and writing during the last couple of years. What an awful and devastating illness you had but you never gave up. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  21. I worked with Andrew in 2010 and we connected immediately, both of us mocking our jobs and colleagues. He has been an inspiration for me with his journey through MND. This truly is one of the most difficult things that a human (and their family) can possibly be forced to deal with. Thoughts with you all at this difficult time. xxx

  22. I was so honored to meet Andrew this summer when we visited the UK to connect with family and retrace Jeff’s parents’ footsteps. I loved his curiosity, generous interest in others’ stories, wit and warmth. My heart goes out to Jane, Valentina, Sebastian, Brian and Pat. You are all held close in my prayers.

  23. I only saw Andrew once after University, and that was in the last few months in Hemel Hempstead.
    Reading his blog, his books and the comments from those that got to know and love him in the 30 years between leaving Uni in 1989 and today, I have had a chance to learn so much more about Andrew and to understand what a wonderful man, son, dad, husband and good friend he was.
    My deepest condolences to his family, his Mum and Dad and his countless friends.
    RIP Andrew x

  24. Andrew and I worked together at Amadeus. He was always an inspiration! I’ve been following his blog and have gotten to exchange some notes along the way. I remember this very first one, so it brings up mixed emotions…knowing what he faced, but knowing he did slow down to appreciate every gift in life. To his family, I wish you all sympathy, but also know that my life was a better one for having Andrew in it!

  25. We knew Andrew when we lived in Madrid. He was such a lovely man. Our thoughts are with Jane, Valentina and Sebastian as well as his parents.

  26. Andrew was a great man, a wonderful husband and father, a loving son, a superb colleague and an all round good guy. He became an inspiration to many in these last few difficult years of his too short life. He proved that through adversity the human spirit can triumph and achieve great things. Thank you for all that you taught us dear friend and now may your legacy live on as you rest in eternal peace. God bless. Elizabeth

  27. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news,I knew Andrew briefly when I helped care for him at his home,I got to know his lovely family and I send love to them all.RIP Andrew x

  28. I am so so sorry to read this last post. I knew Andrew when he worked with Amadeus in Madrid. He was always just lovely to be with; kind attentive gracious…. Over the last few years reading blog and and meeting him on his trip to Madrid a couple of years ago, he was truly an inspiration. My deepest sympathies to all of Andrew’s family and friends especially Jane, Valentina and Sebastian .

  29. Andrew will always be in our hearts, such strength and dedication. He lived his life to the fullest even with all the physical limitations. In his spirit he will always be there to guide his family. I feel so very blessed to have known Andrew, Jane, Valentina and Sebastian. Andrew’s and Jane’s strength, perseverance, faith, resilience and trust in the divine has taught me so much
    With Love and Blessings

  30. I am very sorry to read this last post. I have worked with Andrew on a project when he was based in Madrid and our customer said that this was the best project they have ever done. I have been following and reading his blog the last couple of years and he was very inspirational in that blog as well, I followed his advice and regularly stop for a moment now.
    My deepest condolences to his family.

  31. Very sad news… it took me a few days to write this note. Andrew was an extremely nice man, I will always remember, how helpful he was on my working days in London. We had very good discussions about his experiences in other cultures and also about life with children. He LOVES his family, a responsible dad who kept working in the “family first” mind until the last minute. Our thoughts are with his family in this difficult time… Andrew, you will always be remembered…

  32. Terrible loss. I have known Andrew since our time in Amadeus. Over time he became a friend, I always remembered, 8 years ago, the day he explained me how important his responsibilities as a father were.
    I have thoughts for you Jane, Valentina and Sebastian. Andrew was so proud of you, he has done as much as he could for you. Life will be difficult without him. But I do believe his innermost strength, energy and love will always live in you.

  33. These blog posts are such a precious memory of Andrew for his family and friends. His voice comes across loud and clear. His love for his family, his curiosity, his humour and his integrity. He achieved more than most during the MND years, the time I knew him, and I feel priviledged and grateful for our friendship. Wishing peace to the Knowlmans.

  34. We have stopped for many moments in recent weeks.It has been a joy to have known Andrew since a bairn and through his life. Always an enthusiast and very able to communicate with many people.This continued through these difficult years since the diagnosis but did not deter Andrew.We miss you Andrew.
    All our love Jane,Sebastian and Valentina,Pat and Brian.

  35. Reading Andrew’s first post, I am sure, and think incredible, that he achieved all of his objectives.
    Despite the challenges he was facing, he brought a smile to all our faces.
    He wanted to make a difference to just one of us. He changed all of us, for the better in some way, I suspect.
    Did he bring about a change in the world? Harder to judge, but one thing for sure that for the hundreds if not thousands who followed him, he changed the way they think about and behave in their world, they way we appreciate and deal with each other, definitely.
    We are in awe of someone who made us laugh, smile, cry and think more deeply and take a step back and sopt for a moment with him.

  36. Today Andrew was laid to rest and remembered by so many people who he has touched and inspired not just recently but in a most incredible 51 years of life.
    So long my friend you will never ever be forgotten.
    Until we meet again

  37. So very sorry to read this news. I met Andrew on a bench on Kings Langley Common, Autumn 2015. He asked to share the bench I was sitting on to enjoy the last of the sunshine. I was newly diagnosed with cancer and we shared our experiences. He told me about his blog and I was touched to see our chance meeting appear in his post Oct 2 2015 Just Do It. In the brief time that we talked, I experienced a lovely, kind, empathetic man with a beautiful soul. I ran into him one more time, but thought of him often, of his incredible courage and his warmth.
    Some chance meetings stay with you forever. Meeting Andrew has stayed with me. Maybe there will be more memorable chance meetings on his bench on Lastingham Moor.
    My deepest sympathy to his wife, children and family.

  38. Andrew – I knew you in Istanbul – you were a great business partner and friend. Rest In Peace.

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