The New Spring


6Sebastian, Jane, me and Claudio. Just us and a grand piano in the school theatre. ‘The New Spring’, composed and played by Mr Di Meo, our school music teacher. Spring, a time for renewal and hope, we need it. He composed the piece for me. Please see the photo in this blog. Sometimes it all comes out, the strain of us all trying to get on with it. I was very moved. The piece should be played spensierato, which means carefree.


Non ho mai pensato che qualcuno scrivesse un pezzo di musica per me. La musica mi ha toccato e rimane con me per sempre. Ho disfrutato parlare l’Italiano con te e Federica, però questa capacità è purtroppo andata via. Però ascoltare c’è e ho il voce di Antonio in mio eye gaze computer. Non firmiamo mai di parlare. Grazie per ‘The New Spring’ – c’è sempre speranza e nuova vita.

‘The New Spring’ is one of ten pieces in Claudio’s new collection of piano compositions. 129133

Steve, Laura and their son Thomas (co-star of The Fantastic Race 130134), an audience of care home residents, our family and an hour of great music. ‘Daddy, shhhh’, this has become common for Sebastian to say. Laughing, crying, weird noises, out of control. Keyboard, cello and horn, I enjoyed it.

Susie, Ben their son Jacob and Valentina, in the care home again. This time, I was out of control. How on earth must it feel to concentrate and perform while your dad is laughing and crying in the audience? Spanish classical guitar brought back memories, and the thought that I won’t experience Spain again. Violin, guitar – incredible. Well done, Valentina!

The Sound of Music – the Class 8 musical. I attended a rehearsal today. The class did well, no photos, but here are a couple of a place which came to mind – the Dolomites in the South Tirol. I love the spirit of the school, so thank you everyone (thanks Liuba, Fiona, Caroline and Sarah for making it possible for me to be there).

At Christmas, the Lumina Choir sang at the care home. Talent! Wil brings his guitar and Finn played at Christmas.

I enjoy Valentina’s recorder in my room.

As I have written this, I’ve not been able to articulate how the music made me feel. I guess that’s the power of music.

Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

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