You need to get outside

Jane says ‘you need to get out the house, it’s a lovely day.’ That sentiment means she needs to put my coat, scarf, hat, gloves and sheepskin cover on; it means she needs to get the powered chair out of the garage. Thank you; it’s not as if you have nothing else to do. 

It was minus five this morning (that’s 23 Fahrenheit), but the warm clothing kept me warm for an hour before a hot drink inside.

It’s an interesting world where people (in this case me) go out on a frosty night to look for answers to why we are here, and who created us. I am two weeks into the Alpha Course at the local Baptist Church. Format is a meal (bangers, mash and carrots followed by plum crumble and custard), watch a pastor on screen (this week – ‘who was Jesus?’), then a group discussion. I love the mix of people there and the resulting discussion.

My Physio gets me to look ahead (not down) when walking. That, plus the anti-spasticity drug, should keep me on my feet and reduce neck pain. As I’ve written before, small adjustments can bring surprising benefits. 

Another important negotiation has been concluded with a good outcome. I love how a calm, reasoned approach creates a win for everyone.


Author: Andrew Knowlman

I am a 50-year old father of two children, married to Jane. I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in April 2015.

One thought on “You need to get outside”

  1. Yeah! Getting out is GOOD.!You’re looking good too and nice to see the waterfall or weir which I remember on my lovely walks around Kings Langley

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